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Be Involved

Project type: Social Good

Be Involved is a search tool, to know where you can do volunteer work in your Community.
It's a responsive website and mobile phone app project. The project duration was max. 4 weeks.
Starting date May 5th, Finished May 27 2023


May 2023


Maui, HI USA

Social Good Responsive website & App

This Google Project is the third project in the certificate program. The question was to create a responsive website and an app for a social good.
I knew right away that Be Involved would be my choice. Living on Maui during Corona Time, I could see first hand that helping the community is necessary. Being Involved will make a difference.

Link Low-Fi Prototype mobile website


Sole Designer

Be Involved is a Project for Google.
Goal of this project: Design a Social good app and a responsive website to get people more involved in their community. This search tool shows all the volunteer positions and the organizations in your area.

- Target audience: Men and woman above the 18 years old who are ready to do something back for their community.
- Key challenges were to get people to be Involved. How does the user find volunteer work in their community? What would the user like to do? Is it nearby?
- My research study was exciting. It turned out that most participants are willing to do volunteer work.
- Problem: People just didn't know where to look, how to start or what the options are. You can find more about my research in my case study.
This app and website makes it easy to sign up and Be Involved.

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