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School Finder

Project type

Responsive website and app


March - April 2023 (6 weeks duration)


San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

School Finder app is home based in San Francisco, CA.
It's the second project for the Google UX Design certificate program and designed in Adobe XD and Canva.


Solo Designer

Hi-Fi Prototype Link

Case Study Link

School Finder is a project for Google UX Design Study. The goal was to create a responding website and app that is not a consumer product.

I designed a search tool to find schools in your neighborhood and linked a donation function for free breakfast at the schools. I came up with this project idea because I was in need for a search tool while we were looking for schools.
-The target audience are parents / caregivers who are in need for a school that fits their and their child's need.
-The key challenges were to give the user information about different school types and grades. What the differences between schools are and how the user can see if a school is in their neighborhood.
Most of the insight came out of the Research Study. I conducted a Unmoderated Usability Study, Time on Task and Net Promoter Score (NPS). More about the research, my sketches, and designs are in the case study. See the link underneath.

The impact of my design in the real world would be: A more clear view in the search for better education for every child. It takes time to gather all the information about schools. It’s not structured enough, that is why I wanted to create my School Finder responsive website. To give parents/guardians a complete overview so they know they have all the facts before making an exciting life changing decision.

What I've learned:
- I’ve learned that the research study gave me most of the information I needed to make design decisions. The participants were clear in that they want, a Map view and more information about School Types.
-Creating a website without selling something was more of a challenge than I anticipated.

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